Black is back.Black is back.

Black is back.

We are super excited to launch our new black version of the Standeazy. We will publish different special editions throughout the year – or you can simply get the Original Black, a classic plain design.

Why not head to our shop and check out which one you may like?

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Pre-order the Standeazy Ultra now! Pre-order the Standeazy Ultra now!

Pre-order the Standeazy Ultra now!

We are live on Kickstarter! If you’d like to pre-order your Standazy Ultra, please head to our project page…

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Easter SnowEaster Snow

Easter Snow

Standeazy Ultra is truly versatile! Even when you are out and about on the slopes and want to take some nice family selfies or memorable shots of the beautiful Winter scenery, Standeazy converts quickly into a mini tripod that holds your phone wherever you are. 

Happy Easter everyone!

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Happy Mothers' Day!Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' Day!

It's mothering Sunday today – so a big shoutout to all our lovely mums! Have a super day with your loved ones and get spoilt!!! Every day should be mothers' day – and fathers' day for that matter ;-) Enjoy the sunshine....

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Standeazy tested by The GadgetflowStandeazy tested by The Gadgetflow

Standeazy tested by The Gadgetflow

When we did our prize draw on Instagram last December, I didn't expect the Gadgetflow to take us up on the win of a Standeazy Arctic! 

But, the lovely lady from social did send an address and, after two attempts, Standeazy made it to their Indian office. And a few months later, they actually found the time to create a blog post review for us! Super chuffed... 

And here it is ...

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A phone stand that's as easy as 1 2 3...

We think this shows perfectly how easy Standeazy is to set up! Nathan loves assembling it - and he's only two in this video.

If he can do it... 

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It's Children in need weekend!It's Children in need weekend!

It's Children in need weekend!

It's spotty all around us! Must be children in need time! Like every year, we support this fabulous charity along with millions of other people in the UK. Shoutout to all fundraisers!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Can't believe it's the end of October AND the clocks have changed for Winter, but at least Halloween sweetens the darker hours and it means not long until bon fire night!

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In the words of Kimberley...In the words of Kimberley...

In the words of Kimberley...

1 monitor? No problem. #Standeazy's smart phone stand is crazy awesome for a little shameless multitasking. #productivity

We totally agree! Thank you Nicole!

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It's been another week in Standeazy landIt's been another week in Standeazy land

It's been another week in Standeazy land

... and an exciting one! More sample packs requested for our corporate gift options, more orders to fulfill for our shop, and we are working hard on some videos for our crowdfunding campaign. More shooting to be done this Sunday – so 'hello weekend'!

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A phone stand that works with cases and bumpersA phone stand that works with cases and bumpers

A phone stand that works with cases and bumpers

.... and by that we mean proper chunky ones as well as thin sleeves and cases. 

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1.2mm thin

Standeazy Ultra Animated Gif Thinness

Not bad for a stand that can not only hold smartphones, with and without bumpers or cases, and not just the apple range, but also Samsung, HTC, Nexus, LG..., it also supports e-readers, mini tablets and larger tablets. 

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It's a matter of size



Which one of these would you rather put in your pocket? We tested what size it would take to hold an iPad with a polyprop plastic material. We figured it would be much more convenient if we could achieve this with our credit card sized version and the Ultra does the trick! 

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Little Foot and Peter RabbitLittle Foot and Peter Rabbit

Little Foot and Peter Rabbit

When it's been a long day for the little ones, sometimes ten minutes quiet with an episode of Peter Rabbit is just what's needed. 

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A credit card sized pocket rocketA credit card sized pocket rocket

A credit card sized pocket rocket

This truly amazed us.

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A stand for your wallet – a  great photography companionA stand for your wallet – a  great photography companion

A stand for your wallet – a great photography companion

You may know the feeling - lovely day, you are exploring outside and there is that stunning image you'd like to capture - but all you've got with you is your phone and the light is just about right but if you use your hands to snap it may get shaky...

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It's been a journey...

We spent a long time fine tuning the mechanism and design of the Ultra to make sure it has the best performance by staying its small size.

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