The Standeazy Ultra

Make your phone awesome!

WATCH. CHAT. CREATE. The brushed aluminium Standeazy Ultra phone and tablet stand is thinner than a penny – and strong enough to hold an iPad pro!

Thinner than a penny

Ultra compatible with
  • Smartphones
  • E-readers
  • Mini Tablets
  • Tablets
  • Kindle
  • Devices with bumpers or cases

Designed to last

A perfect mix of product design and material
  • Brushed aluminium outer
  • Flexible inner layer for 'living hinges'
  • Core composition designed for bending
  • Tests show hinge unimpaired after 80k bends

Our Kickstarter Campaign to Go Ultra

Let’s launch this together

Why Kickstarter, you may ask...

The Standeazy Ultra is special for two reasons – it's manufactured with various bespoke, complex tooling (which is expensive) to ensure its lovely finish and its functionality and we use a premium material for the hinges and stability (which is also expensive). So the only way to get the price down is by purchasing a large amount – and that's where you can help and benefit!

If we can get a crowd together, we can buy bulk and you will get your Standazy Ultra a lot cheaper. Please subscribe so we know you're on board when we launch this April.


Ultra thin


Ultra light

80k bends

Ultra longevity


Changing angles

Your Standeazy can be adjusted to hold smartphones or tablets at a variety of angles in both landscape or portrait depending on what you prefer for each app.

Easy to use

Setting up your Standeazy is super easy! (Head over to our blog to watch Nathan, age 2, assemble one...)

Super portable

Because your Standeazy is the size of a credit card, it fits in any wallet, purse or moneyclip!

Slick finish

Get your smartphone the accessory it deserves! Your Standeazy Ultra is the perfect companion for any hand-held. Kind of a gadget for gadgets...

The Ultra is a great companion for your smartphone

Works even with the super bulky Otter defender case

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One stand, lots of devices!

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