Let your phone stand on its own two feet!

These days you can carry the whole world in your pocket. But try watching something on your mobile device without holding it. Go on, try now. Lean it, balance it, wedge it. Nope? Those slippery blighters just won’t stand up.

So there it lies, flat on the table, projecting its wonders towards your ceiling. Now imagine extracting from your wallet (no not a credit card, that comes later) an ultra thin, ultra tough device, which let’s your mobile or tablet stand on its own two feet.

Imagine no longer, oh brave new world.

The Standeazy Ultra is manufactured from a premium quality composite of brushed aluminium and polypropylene, and folds simply into a 3D stand for virtually all smartphones, e-readers and most tablets, too.
It can be adjusted to hold the device at a variety of angles in both landscape or portrait depending on what you prefer for each app.

To give your phone or tablet a safe pace to rest, the Standeazy Ultra has special rounded edges, giving it a lovely smooth finish.

And it looks great, just as slick as the slickest electronic device in your collection. You will want to stroke it, buy it for your lovely ones (it is a perfect stocking filler or little thank you, it fits in a greetings card envelope too!). It’s just one of those simple ideas that actually solves a problem and is not just a fad. (That's what people that use it tell us time and time again...) Standeazy Ultra works with iPhone and android covers, cases or bumpers!
This is one of those things that you cannot live without. It does exactly what I wanted, and is reliable and tough.
I use it for iPad, Blackberry phone and kindle - perfect next to my laptop.
It filts perfectly in my wallet, so I can take it anywhere - and use it everywhere.
Brilliant product! Used it a few times to watch movies on the plane. Great for storing in my headphones case. Real value for money!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Ultra made from?

The brushed aluminium version of Standeazy is a laminate with a strong metal outer and a flexible inner core. With this design, you have the perfect combination of stability and longevity thanks to the 'living hinges' element of the stands.

It's so thin, does it break easily?

If you want to break something, you can find a way, fore sure! But if you use our Standeazy as it's intended to be used, you can enjoy our product time and time again without any wear and tear on the hinges. An independent organisation (TüV) has tested these and found that even after 80,000 bends they remained in great shape.

Which devices does the Ultra support?

Standeazy Ultra has a variety of settings for different sized smartphones and tablets to make it super versatile – but with so many sizes, protection options and thus weights, it is difficult to precisely specify the range of phones and tablets that it will support. As a rule of thumb, Standeazy Ultra work for:
  • standard smartphones in all angles portrait and landscape
  • standard smartphones with bumpers or covers in all angles in landscape and most in portrait
  • 'plus' sizes smartphones and mini tablets with or without bumpers or covers in all angles landscape and steeper angles portrait
  • standard tablets without covers in some angles in landscape and steep angle in portrait. It will also accommodate covers depending on thickness
  • 'plus' sized tablets (like the iPad Pro) without covers in steep landscape angles

How wide can my device be?

20mm to be precise. That's the gap between the footstop and the backrest of our standeazy. Plenty for most smartphones with cases, bumpers or covers!

Why would you want a Standeazy?

There are lots of phone and tablet stands on the market. But there is only one that is both credit card sized and made from brushed aluminium, combining strength and super compact size with a fantastic shiny finish. A pocket tripod (or bipod) that fits in your wallet and it always with you.

How do you set it up?

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